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EB-5 Immigration

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These a just a few of the questions we will answer for you in regards to the EB-5 Investor Program.

How does a EB-5 Limited Partnership work?

Should I be concerned about the risk assumed in my EB-5 investment?

If the I-526 petition is denied, will I receive my investment back?

Where online can I find a downloadable copy of all EB-5 laws and regulations?

Can Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center provide help with filing the EB-5 immigration petition?

What if the project fails? Will the investor also lose his/her visa?

Are EB-5 Green Cards assured by participating in the EB-5 investment program?

Is this EB-5 investment guaranteed?

What types of EB-5 investor dividends can I receive as a return of capital?

Do all EB-5 investors receiving a return of their capital?

Do all EB-5 investors realize a profit?

What is the average rate of return to investors on a EB-5 project?

Once I invest in a EB-5 project what do I receive for my investment?