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New U. S. Citizenship And Immigration EB-5 Visa Regulations

The U. S. citizenship and immigration services or, (USCIS) has sent its final EB-5 regulation for publication. Effective on
November 21, 2019 for I-526 filings, the new EB-5 investments must be at least $900,000 USD. in a “targeted employment
area” (TEAs). And otherwise $1,800,000 USD the areas that can not qualify as TEAs. And the lower investment amount
applications will be more limited.

Absent legislation to provide additional Visa numbers, the next 16 weeks may be the best time for entering and subscribing
investments under the EB-5 Investment Visa Program.


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2806, 2019

EB-5 Business Plan

EB-5 Business Plan preparation is of the utmost importance to get started with your EB-5 investor program for Indians. When working with the Regional Center, the I-526 processing time for the first investor often ranges from 12 to 16 months. However, this does not include the time spent in preparation for your application.

EB-5 Business Plan Preparation

Once an applicant makes the choice of investing in an existing opportunity or creating their own business, the process of putting the Business Plan together begins.

Although this is not a complete list of what needs to be included, these strategies should be considered. Regardless of the category and desired physical location of the visa or investor visa program Business Plan.

The location of the business (your investment) is important for a […]

2006, 2019

Job Creation Requirements For Your Investor Visa

Job Creation EB-5 Requirements

One of the most important steps toward obtaining your EB-5 visa or investor visa is making certain that your proposed business venture will include the creation of a minimum of 10 full time jobs.
These jobs must be accounted for whether you are doing the $1,000,000 investment or the $500,000 investment to start in a qualified U.S. location.

Job Creation

Specific jobs must be accounted for within the Business Plan or before the investor files their form I-526. Documenting the job creation comes prior to the two year conditional permanent residency period. Job Creation can begin at various stages of the two year residency period. This needs to be accounted for within your Business Plan. This is especially important for the EB-5 investor program for […]

1806, 2019

EB-5 Investment Program Job Types

EB-5 Visa Investment Program

The EB-5 investment program for Indians (and others) allows for what is known as direct jobs and indirect jobs. And should be a part of your first Business Plan.

USCIS has specific criteria including economic models for how the required minimum of 10 full time jobs must be created. And in addition to direct and indirect jobs, the investor visa program allows for what are known as induced jobs.

Direct Jobs Under the EB-5 Investment Program

Direct jobs are clearly identifiable positions for qualified U.S. workers which are full time (35 to 40 hours per week). And they are within the business created through the investment EB-5 Visa program.

Business Plans can include “job sharing” for specifically described positions. An example is as follows. Three employees hold the same […]

1306, 2019

How The EB-5 Visa or Investor Visa Program Began

The EB-5  visa or Investor visa program originated from the 1990 U.S. Congressional Immigration Act, which included several major immigration modifications.

Around then, the new arrangement enabled the United States to become a better alternative to similar investment programs offered at that time by Canada and Australia.

Congress included the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program in 1993 to further build interest in the visa programs. This was the beginning of the EB-5 Regional Centers, allowing us to oversee EB-5 ventures and make more employment opportunities.

These corrections changed and updated previous guidelines. With EB-5 or investor visa categories, and different parts of the immigration system.
In the early 1990s, more changes were made due to the findings of poor implementation and fraud of EB-5 investments. In […]