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EB-5 Investment Strategy

The Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center offers debt free investments in commercial real estate. Our EB-5 Investment strategy pays a superior monthly income and a generous capital gain in the medium term. We know the market, buy carefully and maximize return on equity. This strategy is an all equity investment, therefore eliminating the need to borrow debt from a bank.

Case Study: 3405 Bobby Brown Parkway, LP

  • EB-5 All Equity Investment – EB-5 Investment strategy
  • Homewood Suites Hotel by Hilton at Atlanta Airport
  • Ground Up Development into 122 rooms.
  • Cost $18,000,000, comprised of 85% EB-5 and 15% US investors
  • Hotel opened in October 2014 creating approximately 503 direct and indirect jobs in the Atlanta area
  • EB-5 Investor 7.5% Annual Cash on Cash Return in 2018

A Real Estate Investment without Debt:

  • Is ideal for a self directed IRA or 401k rollover
  • Means that Equity is Protected
  • Eliminates the possibility of a bank foreclosure
  • Can provide a superior, steady return and capital appreciation
  • Is a medium to long term investment
  • Can provide a dependable reliable income for retirement

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An Image from the outside of the EB-5 Project Hotel Homewood Suites


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Investor Visa Program And How To Begin Your Application

Investor Visa

How To Begin Your EB-5 Program Right

Understanding all the benefits of your EB-5 visa or investor visa program is just one step toward becoming a permanent resident of the United States. The goal is for the EB-5 investor, along with their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21, to become permanent U.S. residents.

Investor Visa

First, the EB-5 visa or investor visa applicant needs to meet the investment requirements. This should happen before you determine the type of business to invest in.

Your business must create a minimum of 10 new jobs. Investors starting with $500,000 in capital must invest in designated low employment communities. Those investing the full $1,000,000 can select any U.S. location they desire.

Often the investment funds […]

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EB5 Investors – How our EB5 Program benefits you and your family

EB5 Investors

Meeting the financial requirements for an EB-5 Investors Program can have a major impact on you and your immediate family for many years. This is the direct route toward permanent U.S. residency for yourself, your spouse, and for any and all children under the age of 21.

Upon meeting the $1,000,000 minimum investment criteria, participation in our EB-5 Investors Program provides you with some very important options and opportunities which can last a lifetime.

One important option is your ability to start almost any type of business in the U.S. Consequently, your personal knowledge and/or experience could give you a head start in your decision.

For example, if you have hotel management experience, you could build or partner in a hotel anywhere in […]

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Advantages of the EB-5 Program Toward Owning A Business

Whether you wish to start a new business or expand your current business to the United States, the EB-5 Program brings you numerous benefits. Which are above and beyond the possible green card for yourself, your spouse, and eligible children.

Taking advantage of the EB-5 Program

Taking advantage of the EB-5 Program helps with everything from planning and growing your business. Also with ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire process. From an investment standpoint, the ability to partner with others for $1,000,000 or more and join forces on a much larger investment results in more buying power along with reduced and/or shared responsibilities.

There are some high unemployment areas which allow a reduced minimum amount for new investors (under this program) in half to $500,000. Thus, if you […]